March 2020 Issue

Obviously, life-changing events have occurred on the world stage since last month’s “Roaring Twenties” prediction of a runaway year for sales on the Highlands/Cashiers/Lake Toxaway Plateau. Health is the main priority as we all deal with this crisis personally. This time reminds us of the importance of home, not just the place we live but where we reside, the communities we live in and the people we love.

In this time of change, our tens of thousands of Sothebys’ agents across the globe are actively working to serve our communities in every way we can. On our local real estate stage, any uneasiness or concern over the long-term strength and appeal of our area should be put to rest by the following facts:

1. Sales volume on the local Highlands-Cashiers MLS is up 59% this year over last;

2. Unit sales are up 47% this year over last;

3. There is significant activity amongst buyers and sellers in all price points;

4. Mortgage rates are now at ALL-TIME lows in the 2.5-3.0% range;

5. Investors are starting to look at real estate as a more stable investment than equities right now;

6. Inventory is tighter than it has been in the last ten years.

As either a Seller or a Buyer, do not lose confidence in this market. After 9/11, home sales skyrocketed in this market as thoughtful persons sought a safer, calmer environment to have as a refuge for their whole family. Some friends introduced me to the acronym: QTR which stands for “Quality Time Remaining.” This concept becomes increasingly more important each and every year. There is no better place to spend QTR than the Highlands/Cashiers//Lake Toxaway Plateau. Stay calm and carry on!! While our brokers are working from home for the most part, we are all here on the Plateau ready to assist both buyers and sellers. Thank you for your support and friendship. We are all in this together!

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